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Discussion Guide

The free Discussion Guide is an easy to use tool. It directs groups and individuals through the Ten-Week Spiritual Read, chapter-by-chapter.

The first week begins early January with Introductions, Purpose and Conversation Guidelines. Then there are Discussion Questions for eight consecutive weeks, corresponding with the book's themed chapters. The 12-page Discussion Guide assumes 90-minute meetings. The tenth week is a celebration for all participants.

You may adapt the Discussion Guide to suit your preferences. For example, you may opt to meet for one hour or two hours. Or you may wish to focus only on spiritual practices, or on particular issues.

No worries if you miss a week or two. Check the Ten-Week Spiritual Guide or Calendar, and rejoin your group.

Each group has a Facilitator to send reminders of meetings, start and end on time, and stay in accord with Conversation Guidelines. This role may be rotated, if desired.  Facilitator Training is available upon request through Contact Us.

Discussion Guide


Click here to download discusiion guide

If a group meets only once to discuss the entire book, an abbreviated Guide is available for this purpose. Click here: Single Meeting Guide.