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Join the Spiritual Read
Three easy ways to participate!

1. Join a Participating Group;
2. Form your own group; or
3. Read the book as an Individual.

1.  Join a Participating Group

Port Townsend Public Library and Jefferson County Library will offer three different discussion groups to community residents for the ten-week Spiritual Read.  Select one that suits your schedule!  Click here for timing and enrollment:  Library Spiritual Read.

In addition, neighborhoods, churches, spiritual groups, retirement communities and others will host the Spiritual Read.  All are welcome to join whether you belong to one of these groups or not.  Find a Participating Group that interests you, and contact them for details.

2.  Form Your Own Group

Want to form your own group?  The Spiritual Read is ideal for friends, family, colleagues or your own circle of connections.  Gather participants, set a meeting time, Buy the Book, download the Discussion Guide and start!  Have questions? We are here to help you.  Contact Us.

3.  Read the Book as an Individual

We realize that not everyone can do a ten-week Spiritual Read.  A great option is to Buy the Book, download the Discussion Guide and read at your own pace.