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Ten-Week Spiritual Read
1 Jan 1 Introductions, Purpose & Conversation Guidelines
2 Jan 8 Discovering the Need for Spiritual Practice (Chap 1)
Inner Change Leads to Lasting Outer Change
3 Jan 15 Polarization: Our Basic Challenge (Chap 2)
What Is It & Why Is It a Problem?
4 Jan 22 Moving Beyond Past Conditioning (Chap 3)
Awakening to Authentic Social Justice
5 Jan 29 Overcoming Despair: Carrying On in the (Chap 4)
Face of Overwhelming Environmental Problems
6 Feb 5 In the Face of Failure (Chap 5)
Dealing with Anger and Burnout
7 Feb 12 Meeting Fear without Violence (Chap 6)
Transcending Defensiveness
N/A Feb 12 Interfaith Amigos Appearance, Sunday, February 12
2-3:30 PM, Port Townsend High School Auditorium
8 Feb 19 Love as a Force for Change (Chap 7)
Focusing on the Positive
9 Feb 26 Making Spiritual Practice a Way of Life (Chap 8)
The Daily Inner Work of Peace
Conclusion: Problems, Promises & Possibilities
10 Mar 5 Celebration of Our Journey, Sunday, March 5
2-4 PM, Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center
See Calendar for more details.